In March of 2005, the Society wrote to Cardinal Ambrozic to make him aware of our presence here in Toronto and to request a meeting with him.

The Cardinal responded to this letter inquiring as to the number of people in our chapter and as to the exact nature of our requested meeting with him.

In May 2005, we sent another letter requesting his permission to allow the Society to have a yearly pilgrimage to the Canadian Martyr's Shrine in Midland with a Tridentine Mass.

No response has been received from this request.

Our letter of response to his inquiry in March 2005, as to the number of people in the chapter and the nature of our talk with him was not responded to.

The Society wrote the Cardinal third letter requesting an audience with him in June 2005, and a response to our correspondence.

When still no response was received, the Society wrote yet another letter to His Eminence in December 2005, this time sending it by registered mail, requesting yet again a meeting with His Eminence and for his permission to allow the apostolate of the Fraternity of St. Peter to come into the diocese to set up a quasi parish for the daily celebration of the Latin Mass together with all the sacraments in the Latin Rite. This letter received a response a few weeks later in December 2005.

The Cardinal refused our request for an apostolate of Fraternity priests into the diocese. His exact reply was:

I ought to reply that, at the moment, I have no intention of establishing an apostolate of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter priests. Such a move on my part would indicate the kind of official support which I am not willing to give.

We want to assure our membership that we will continue to pursue this issue with the Cardinal for the full return of the Latin Mass in the Toronto Diocese.

Prayer for the return of the Latin Mass.

God, Almighty Father, through the intercession of your

Canadian Martyr's, may the peace, order and beauty of

The Tridentine Latin Mass be restored to all our Churches

In Canada. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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